Let’s Work Together to Respond to Bullying



Here’s what parents can do:

  1. If you suspect your child is bullying, appropriate consequences are important.  Monitor their behavior and seek additional services to help your child build appropriate self-awareness and social skills.  We can help!

  2. If your child is being bullied, prompt reporting is critical.  You also can consider seeking additional services to help your child build useful skills and feel empowered.  We can help!

  3. If your child witnesses bullying, prompt reporting is critical.  Talk about the power of standing up for others by being an up-stander, rather than just a bystander.  Stress the importance of reporting bullying to a trusted adult.

Here’s what students can do:

  1. If you are bullying, that’s not okay.  Students who bully will receive consequences and be monitored.  You can learn better skills so that your needs are met and you can be a true leader.

  2. If you feel you're being bullied, tell the bully to stop and then walk away from the situation.  Let an adult know right away - it’s not okay to suffer in silence.  We want to listen and help you build confidence and learn skills that can make you feel more in control at school.

  3. If you witness bullying, tell the bully what they’re doing is not cool.  Stand up for others - be an up-stander, not a bystander.  Report what you see to an adult.  We’ll all work together to make a difference.

Here’s what we’ll do at school:

  1. Any school staff member will respond immediately when witnessing aggression or bullying.  They’ll let the aggressor know it’s unacceptable and refer the aggressor for discipline and services.

  2. A staff member will respond immediately to the student being bullied, referring that student for services to help build skills and reduce feelings of isolation.

  3. As part of the monitoring and follow-up process, a staff member will ask witnesses to report if bullying occurs again.

If you feel you have bullying to report, please use the Google Form available on the Stark 100 website.



Below is a copy of the flow chart that school administrators follow when bullying is reported:

Administrator Flow Chart